luni, 18 august 2008

Nature all over you

This instalation that I made is very dear to me beacause its concept was very sponatneous. The garment like a habitat can transform the body by assigning another indentity. So I tryed to think about another wrap for our skin, creating a mobil or metaphoric scenary. Substitut for the body, the garment becomes obvious when the body is absent. Texture is vital in this context, its the one thing that gives a savage and arhaic energy. The purpouse was to show that couture and the textures of the nature walk on the same line. Can you indentify the object used in my projects? .

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Kei spunea...

They look like fruits or nuts of some kind... but thats a beautiful installation you've got there! I love the concept and the way you approached it. The body seems almost tangible in the angle which you shot it in, even though all there is is empty space.

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