luni, 22 iunie 2009

Energy Collection

This is my winter collection for this year, crochet and latex leggings

luni, 23 martie 2009


This is a golden dress made specialy for party gilrs.


This si a tunic made of satin with deep turquoise print.You can wear with short jeans and balerina shoes.

luni, 16 martie 2009

The Orchid

This lovely one solder dress is made from an elastic cotton with a floral print of fuchsia and nude combinaton. The asymmetrical cut has a nude double bow on the solder and a belt around the waist. These colours go perfect if your skin is darker or taned.


The dress is made from a chocolate coloured silk, but no... it's not edible. To give a beautiful fall it is cut in biais. At the top is elastic on the torso and has a belt around the waist with a cream lace application. On the bottom board is the same lace to give more authenticity.

miercuri, 11 martie 2009

Black Pearl

This dress is made from a glossy lycra of grey oil colour with metallic tree bark print. Because the fabric is elastic and falls so beautiful on the body I made a draping around the neck.The dress is tight around the hips.

Tribal Dress

The dress is made from a shinny fabric with african stripes of earth colours. The upper part is elastic so it's universal wearing. You can wear during at night with some accessories around yout neck and a belt or in the day sun with some roman sandals and a beach bag.

joi, 5 martie 2009

Black Latex dress

I realise it's very naughty but in my oppinion it expresses a power. I totaly apologize for the very low picture quality.

Belle Nuit...


This dress that I've just finished to sew it's made from a very light fabric of grey pearl background with a velvet texture and bleumarine veil print. Also it has a belt so it can fit more on the body.You can wear it very easily as a tunic.

miercuri, 4 martie 2009

Party Dress

This dress is perfect for a skinny body thanks to its A shape and also can hide some body imperfections. You can be casual with a black leggings or elegant with black stilettos.

Beach Dress


I know it's kind of soon, summer it's still far away but I made this dress beacause of the print that I so love-oriental and exotic...

Stages of fashion

"First - a fashion is approved by others.

Then - it is copied because of competition.

Finally - it is replaced as it becomes commonplace and has ceased to fulfill its function of being distinctive."

Thorstein Veblen - The Theory Of The Leisure Class

joi, 26 februarie 2009

Skinny look

No....they are not mine...I hope someday I will draw better than this. These are amazing fashion illustrations from wacker eins team from Berlin.Love the colour mix

women in art

this is a short presentation of women figure in paintings from renaissance to fovism and surrealism. It's interesting to follow how a certain type of figure was embraced by painters over the centuries.

miercuri, 11 februarie 2009

Halston Renaissance

This is the Halston’s Fall ‘09 presentation with a New York run. I really enjoy this kind of presentations and watch how fashion is evolving every day with new original ideas.

vineri, 6 februarie 2009

Egyptian wig

I arrived yesterday at my parents and I tried to dissect my home computer to find some old projects of mine. This is what I discovered. It's a 2005 egyptian wig made of silk thread and sequins. Here is my press conference wrote for this project.

"Peruca adaptata zilelor noastre are ca sursa de inspiratie perioda Egiptului Antic,fiind unul din tipurile de peruci purtate de femeile aflate in categoria inaltei societati si anume a regalitatii.
Bogatia ornamentelor mi-a atras atentia asupra superbei perioade textile..La o analiza mai atenta m-am focalizat asupra detaliilor atent lucrate cu fire de matase si paiete.
Calitatea superioara a acestei peruci sugereaza faptul ca a fost realizata in mod profesional pentru o femeie cu mijloace.Eleganta constrangere a decoratiunilor se potriveste perfect culorilor pale
Combinatia gri metalizat –roz pal si auriu este de inspiratie orientala, simbolizand longevitatea.Tocmai aceasta cromatica restransa si relativ neutra da o anumita eleganta compozitiei.
Forma caracteristica periodei se evidentiaza prin intretaierea liniilor formand zigzaguri amplaste simetric.Aceste zigzaguri urmeaza un ritm aflat in crescendo,completat de un joc de plin –gol al firelor de matase ce se continua circular in jurul tamplelor si a cefei..Firele de matase care sunt lasate sa cada vertical mimeaza existenta unei podoabe capilare si au rolul de a completa coafura. Partea frontala reprezinta centrul de interes al acestei lucrari printr-o forma curba ce aminteste de silueta unei cobre. Toate aceste linii se conbina ,formand un intreg- calota ce se muleaza perfect pe suprafata capului.
Titlul sugereaza evolutia pe care a parcurs-o forma unui acoperamant avand in vedere toate transformarile elementelor care au disparut sau care s-au adaugat de alungul secolelor.Modernitatea a dus la o constrangere a simplitatii astfel incat totul se abstractizeaza pentru a deveni cat mai practic.
Peruca este conceputa a fi purtata de o femeie excentrica dar care stie sa isi puna in valoare feminitatea."

marți, 3 februarie 2009

First Master Diploma Dress

So this year I will finish for good the university with a master diploma I hope. I've just finished the first 2 kg wool dress that my mother helped me knitt. She is allways there for me and helps with no mather what. I am very impressed how this kind of fabric behaves on the human body so I tryed to play a little bit with this technique beacuse I can easily change the shape of the dress. This time I will do exactly what I feel with no advices of my teachers. I will say no to everything I learned and try to experiment. The texture is very important because it gives a primitive and savage energy to this look.

marți, 27 ianuarie 2009

Web Runway Show

This is the spring collection 2008 of a not so known american designer Jesse Kamm. I like the clothes and the prints but the thing that impressed the most is her presentation video. It's a new aproach, little bit girlish but it has a young,fresh and positive attitude. I totaly agree with this alternative of runway shows on web.See the spring collection 2009 from Viktor&Rolf or the new Victoria Beckham Collection.

miercuri, 21 ianuarie 2009

Metallic Look...


The reson why I posted this picture of my dress is because I totaly love the material, you don't realy have to be very creative with the design. The dress is simple, light and very confortable.
KROITOREASA-another face in the fashion crowd