marți, 19 august 2008

Discovering La Gravure

Here is the first and I suppose the last collection of engravings. As I learned in France for the first time the mysteryes of engraving, I noticed that I really enjoy doing it. A lot of fun and stains on my without overall outfit. But at least the teacher was cute. Being more serious now, the engravings are more an experiment than a well built concept. Just trying to be a decent artist...

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Anonim spunea...

Domnisoara Lascovicii,
Suntem foarte interesati in a lucra cu o persoana deschisa ca dumneavoastra.

As dori sa va contactez pentru a putea stabili care din gravurile prezentate sunt de vanzare deoarece noi suntem interesati in a le folosi ca imprimerie;
O zi buna va doresc,
Alexia Miraj

Anonim spunea...

Domnisoara Lascavici,

suntem interesati in a lucra cu d-voastra in domeniul imprimeriei.

va vom contacta in acesta dupa-masa.

o zi buna,
Unu Iunie

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