duminică, 26 octombrie 2008

Just love doing it...


So, I've just finished this shooting, and it was so fun, I would do it every day. The dresses that I designed specialy for the Mittelmoda International Lab exhibition in Como, Italy (see www.comon-co.it),were made of georgette and satin silk provided by the Nordtessile S.P.A. This event had for me a great importance because I've got in touch with people from all around the world of the same spirit, I've made a lot of friends but above all I learned more about this particular way of creating.

joi, 9 octombrie 2008

Just love being chique?

Directley from the oven, here are some hot looks for your delightfull game of dressing.

miercuri, 1 octombrie 2008


I wanted a long time to post this pictures but I hesitated beacuse I dont think it represents my work any more. But I have to accepte what I was so I can go forward. This is my first collection with tribal influences, a lot of mixture of texture and colour. I wanted to reprezent a powerfull woman who knows her potential and she is not afraid of her feminity and her challenges in life.

This loveley girl wearing my dress is Boroka Kopacz, the one who won Miss Turism 2007.
KROITOREASA-another face in the fashion crowd