marți, 19 august 2008

Challenges coming up!

As I have to admit, my life is not exactly how I imagined to be. Finishing a fashion and art school in Timisoara and studying for a half year in a french Ecole d'art and now working as a secretary in a construction business is not something to be very proud. I passed the point where I consoled myself that it's not me, it's just our romanian society that doesn't give any opportunity to young aspirants that want to reach out for their star. No, blaming others or the system for your failure wont do you any good. Opportunities come and go, and if you are not smart enough to catch it, it's your fault. And what ever happens, never...but never(and say along with me)...never give up! If you believe, every one around you will believe. Every thing is psychologicaly I think. It's all about your perspectve, how YOU see IT. So cheer up and go make your mama proud!

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