joi, 21 august 2008

The secret

The secret of walking on water... is knowing where the rocks are...

marți, 19 august 2008

Discovering La Gravure

Here is the first and I suppose the last collection of engravings. As I learned in France for the first time the mysteryes of engraving, I noticed that I really enjoy doing it. A lot of fun and stains on my without overall outfit. But at least the teacher was cute. Being more serious now, the engravings are more an experiment than a well built concept. Just trying to be a decent artist...

Challenges coming up!

As I have to admit, my life is not exactly how I imagined to be. Finishing a fashion and art school in Timisoara and studying for a half year in a french Ecole d'art and now working as a secretary in a construction business is not something to be very proud. I passed the point where I consoled myself that it's not me, it's just our romanian society that doesn't give any opportunity to young aspirants that want to reach out for their star. No, blaming others or the system for your failure wont do you any good. Opportunities come and go, and if you are not smart enough to catch it, it's your fault. And what ever happens, never...but never(and say along with me)...never give up! If you believe, every one around you will believe. Every thing is psychologicaly I think. It's all about your perspectve, how YOU see IT. So cheer up and go make your mama proud!

luni, 18 august 2008


Here are some of my bed time drawings

From particular to particular

You probably wonder what the hell does it mean? Well, I can leave you to analyse it all day long like a Duchamp masterpiece, but I prefer to tell you the concept. The persons with the sunglasses on the wall are invading the intimate space of a toilet. Misterious reflections of the sunglasses bring exterior in the interior. U feel like there is no more place left for any privacy in this world, even there were the king goes alone.

Recycled dress

This dress I made its all of trash bags, filled with air. I wanted an architectural shape and I got it. It is a living assembly because of its moving sound. The bags traduce by their original mass production an icon of the excesive consumer society. Every thing becomes unusefull after its use. The black version of this dress was presented as a performance at Charte Blanche Exhibition (at Centre Culturele Francaise Timisoara), called SelfDistruction .

Nature all over you

This instalation that I made is very dear to me beacause its concept was very sponatneous. The garment like a habitat can transform the body by assigning another indentity. So I tryed to think about another wrap for our skin, creating a mobil or metaphoric scenary. Substitut for the body, the garment becomes obvious when the body is absent. Texture is vital in this context, its the one thing that gives a savage and arhaic energy. The purpouse was to show that couture and the textures of the nature walk on the same line. Can you indentify the object used in my projects? .

joi, 7 august 2008

Parashute yourself

This parachute silk dress of the german artist Regina Frank is like a fantasy.

Amaze yourself

Pinar Yolocan

This artist is really amazing. She is very young and has a very strange but fascinating vision. She takes animal organs and cuts them as they were fabrics, wraps the body with it creating a astonishing effect.It's really impressing how she choose her models. I see her work in the surrealism field. Do you think Galiano would be jealous of her?

Protect yourself

Lucy Orta has made a protective garment that covers the body in an architectural shape. It can include more than one persone away from this toxic environment. So if you want to take a walk in the rain with your boy-girl-friend, make sure you have some protection.

Light yourself

Atsuko Tanaka-Electric dress

This is Atsuko Tanaka masterpiece created in 1956, it's a combination between japanaise Kimono and moderne-industrial technology. The artist herself is wearing this dress made of hundred lamps, wires and neon tubes that flash every two minutes and a half.Can you imagine how confortable may feel wearing this? Dare trying yourself? Feels pretty hot in there..
KROITOREASA-another face in the fashion crowd